Manmade: Notions of Landscape from the Lannan Collection

On display Oct 9, 2009 - Jan 3, 2010

Manmade: Notions of Landscape from the Lannan Collection features the work of nine artists whose work is an exploration of man and the landscape—not landscape in its most literal sense, but landscape as a construction of meanings and relationships that are always morphing, growing, decaying, and exploding. These various facets of landscape include the natural, the cultural, the social, and the political.

The Lannan Foundation works related to landscape are never of the sort that is a celebration purely of a sublime or pristine nature; rather they are of the terrain inscribed with all manner of human interaction, including manmade creations meant to guide our way through the oceans, earthworks, human-aided natural disaster, and the theatre of war.

The artists in the exhibition are Debbie Fleming Caffery, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Olafur Eliasson, Roni Horn, An-My Lê, Sarah Pickering, Victoria Sambunaris, Robert Smithson, and James Turrell.

The New Mexico Museum of Art will present a series of lectures in conjunction with the exhibition. Thomas Joshua Cooper, David Krakauer, Bill Gilbert and Victoria Sambunaris are the speakers who will be featured in three programs October through December 2009.

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All works Collection Lannan Foundation. This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of the Lannan Foundation, Friends of Contemporary Art (FOCA), Doug Ring and Cindy Miscikowski, Jacqueline and Richard Schmeal, Pat and James Q. Hall, and Marjorie R. and William J. Salman. Special thanks to Glaz-Tech in Albuquerque.

Images from the Exhibition

Sarah Pickering

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