FOCA+P Members Exhibition Preview

5:00 pm

 Join us for a preview of the photography exhibit, Light Tight: New Work by Meggan Gould and Andy Mattern. Meet the artists, Meggan Gould and Andy Mattern, with an introduction by Curator of Photography, Katherine Ware. This two-person exhibition creates a visual conversation about how the tools and conventions of photography can be reconsidered and manipulated. The title of the show refers to the need to keep light sensitive material covered up, or “light tight,” until it is ready to be used. Don’t miss the chance to hear from these two local artists about their boundary-challenging new work! Meggan Gould’s work creates a hybrid between darkroom and digital photography defying classification. While Gould focuses on the material aspects of the medium, Andy Mattern turns his attention to the standardization of commercially manufactured photography paper and its packaging and marketing. 

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