Artist-in-Residence Program at the Vladem Contemporary

Dee Ann McIntyre in Memory of Scotty McIntyre Artist Studio

The artist-in-residence program at the New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary represents a return to the original mission of the museum. Over a century ago, the museum offered studio space to visiting contemporary artists. This new program expands the original intent significantly to include artists working in a variety of media and favors community engagement, through educational and social programming that will necessitate interaction between the artist and the public.  

The Museum of Art will provide studio space at the Vladem Contemporary in the Dee Ann McIntyre in Memory of Scotty McIntyre Artist Studio. Selected artists will work with the curatorial team ahead of the residency to establish local connections, schedule research in museum collections, and/or to collaborate with our education team or another organization. The duration of each residency is a minimum of 14 days and potentially longer. Each artist selected will receive an honorarium of $10,000. 

Each project requires collaboration and community engagement, which could range from a presentation of the artist’s work and research while in residence, to an open studio, performance, or collaboration with a local organization or community group. Each artist is obligated to a minimum of one public program per residency. Artists will not be expected to exhibit completed projects at the time of their residency, but the museum hopes to take advantage of new projects when possible. 

Artists will be asked to address in their residency applications how their time here connects to the institution, region, history, and/or regional communities. At present, the museum is unable to provide housing for artists.  

The inaugural year of the artist-in-residence program is funded by a generous grant from the Frederick Hammersley Fund for the Arts at the Albuquerque Community Foundation. From 2009 to 2022, the Frederick Hammersley Foundation was dedicated to furthering Frederick Hammersley’s artistic legacy through charitable activities that expand the public’s awareness, appreciation, and understanding of his art and life, and of the cultural and art historical context in which he worked.  It was also committed to promoting the value of art in the life of the community and to supporting the advancement of artists’ education and creative processes, including support for research and scholarships for art students and other practitioners of the arts.   

In 2021, the Foundation distributed all its remaining assets to the Frederick Hammersley Fund for the Arts at the Albuquerque Community Foundation, a donor-advised endowment fund established by the Foundation in 2019. The purpose of this fund is to perpetuate Frederick Hammersley’s artistic legacy and the mission of the Frederick Hammersley Foundation beyond its dissolution by continuing to provide support for the arts, as well as to continue to provide funds to museums and other public institutions for conservation of Hammersley works in their collections through the Conservation Initiative. 

Click here to review FAQs and learn more about what the artist-in-residence program offers.

Further details about applications for winter 2024 and spring 2025 coming soon.


Alex Traube

June 2, 2024 – June 30, 2024


Past Artists-in-Residence

Mokha Laget

May 6, 2024 – May 31, 2024


Angela Ellsworth

April 2, 2024 – April 19, 2024


Oswaldo Maciá

September 23, 2023 – March 31, 2024