The New Mexico Museum of Art is proud to offer an ever-expanding range of educational activities, live programs, resources to engage with the Museum’s exhibitions, and support for teachers, parents, and students. The Museum strives to provide a variety of ways for people to connect with and share their experiences around art. The NMMoA is a museum for the people of New Mexico, and we want every visitor to feel welcome and able to find a program that meets their needs.

We have divided our offerings into three main categories. Live programming covers anything happening in real time, from a lecture to one of our educators visiting a classroom to facilitate an activity. Art & Humanities provides information about The Humanities Project, our new online learning resource which launched in Fall of 2023. Finally, the Activities page is the (free) collection of all the lessons and art projects created by the education team, which can be searched by category and/or keyword.

To explore more educational content including lectures and artist talks visit our YouTube page at the following link:

Live Programming

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Art & Humanities

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