New Mexico Museum of Art – Plaza Building
107 West Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA

New Mexico Museum of Art – Vladem Contemporary
404 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501


General Information: 505-476-5072
Fax: 505-476-5076
Front Desk: 505-476-5063
Space Rental: 505-490-0153
Museum Shop: 505-982-1131 or
Toll Free: 877-567-7380



Please visit  the State of New Mexico’s personnel website to apply for openings.


Please visit the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs Media Center.


Shannon Bay, Deputy Director 505-372-8532
Charlene Carroll, Events Manager 505-490-0153
Everett Cole, Preparator 505-709-5708
Mark Dodge, Collections Manager 505-470-3657
Katie Doyle, Assistant Curator 505-487-3034
Amanda Formby, Museum Educator 505-795-4508
Christobal Gallegos, Security Sergeant 505-309-2463
Daniel Gonzales, Financial Specialist 505-470-3325
Aubrey Lanham, Executive Assistant 505-470-3187
Ruth LaNore, Head of Registration and Collections 505-469-9106
Chris Nail, Head of Education 505-795-4513
Paul Saiz, Head of Facilities and Security 505-660-0348
Symphony Scott, Assistant Registrar 505-487-3876
Abby Smith, Librarian and Information Specialist 505-231-5065
Drew Taylor, Preparator 505-695-8874
Alexandra Terry, Curator of Contemporary Art 505-629-3042
Christian Waguespack, Head of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of 20th Century Art 505-470-5563
Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography 505-699-7928
Dr. Mark White, Executive Director 505-500-7832
Sarah Zurick, Museum Educator/Volunteer Coordinator 505-396-0643