New Mexico Museum of Art – Plaza Building
107 West Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA

New Mexico Museum of Art – Vladem Contemporary
404 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501


General Information: 505-476-5072
Fax: 505-476-5076
Front Desk: 505-476-5063
Space Rental: 505-490-0153
Museum Shop: 505-982-1131 or
Toll Free: 877-567-7380



Please visit  the State of New Mexico’s personnel website to apply for openings.


Please visit the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs Media Center.


Adriana Avila, Digital Outreach Specialist 505-551-2575
Shannon Bay, Deputy Director 505-372-8532
Charlene Carroll, Events Manager 505-490-0153
Everett Cole, Preparator 505-709-5708
Mark Dodge, Collections Manager 505-470-3657
Katie Doyle, Assistant Curator 505-487-3034
Amanda Formby, Museum Educator 505-795-4508
Christobal Gallegos, Security Sergeant 505-309-2463
Daniel Gonzales, Financial Specialist 505-470-3325
Aubrey Lanham, Executive Assistant 505-470-3187
Ruth LaNore, Head of Registration and Collections 505-469-9106
Chris Nail, Head of Education 505-795-4513
Paul Saiz, Head of Facilities and Security 505-660-0348
Symphony Scott, Assistant Registrar 505-487-3876
Abby Smith, Librarian and Information Specialist 505-231-5065
Drew Taylor, Preparator 505-695-8874
Alexandra Terry, Curator of Contemporary Art 505-629-3042
Christian Waguespack, Head of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of 20th Century Art 505-470-5563
Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography 505-699-7928
Dr. Mark White, Executive Director 505-500-7832
Sarah Zurick, Museum Educator/Volunteer Coordinator 505-396-0643