Fritz Family Digital Window

Located on the Van Mabee Plaza of the Vladem Contemporary, the Fritz Family Digital Window broadcasts artist videos, animation, and independent short films in the evening hours. Programming repeats every one to two hours, and patrons may stream the audio through their smart device, an experience akin to a drive-in movie speaker.


The Fritz Family Digital Window is part of the Vladem Contemporary After Dark, a collection of three distinct, public facing artistic experiences that are best viewed after sunset.


Artists Currently On View

Madelin Coit

Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton


Community Partner

Since 2000, the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival has offered a showcase for films from independent and student filmmakers worldwide, plus screenplays. For the New Mexico Museum of Art partnership with KIDS FIRST! a selection of ten films from the 2023 KIDS FIRST! Film Festival will be screened at various times throughout the day on the Digital Window.

For more information about KIDS FIRST! visit:


Kenya’s Symphony by Carlos Douglas Jr.

The Oubliette by Max Hendrickson

Robots Don’t Tell Jokes by Kelli Caldwell

Donut World by Dana Leigh Snyder


Rebirth by Siyu Wang

Titration: Radio Active Waste, Princeton, And The Navajo Nation by Michael Q. Ceballos

Boundless Imagination by Tzu-Yu Lin

I Am Kanaka by Genevieve Sulway


Love Letters For The Subway by Mary Hawkins

Shy by Arut Tantasirin