Window Box Project at Vladem Contemporary

The Window Box Project will house a series of installations created by New Mexico-based artists and will be accessible throughout the year to any and all interested passersby. Similar in appearance to a storefront window, this project provides an engaging way to experience local, museum-quality art without the need to actually enter the museum. Physically, the space is a nine by five-foot square box, visible from the street through an eight-foot square window that faces a very heavily traversed thoroughfare.

Exhibits at the Window Box Project will rotate three times a year and focus on emerging and under-recognized artists from around the state. Artists working individually or collectively can reimagine the space in innovative ways that either speak to the community or provide an opportunity for these artists to work collaboratively with underserved communities on the installation. In this regard, the Window Box Project emphasizes creative and inventive approaches to artistic practice and recognizes diverse voices and inclusivity as core values.

Applications are currrently closed. Learn more about the application process by reviewing the FAQ page

Check back to learn about future application dates.

Ileana Alarcón: Madremonte

March 2024 – June 2024


Morgan Barnard: Reflection Point

December 2023 – February 2024


Cristina González: Apapachando La Matria

September 2023 – November 2023


The inaugural year of the Window Box Project is a collaboration with the Santa Fe-based collective Vital Spaces, an incubator for the city’s undiscovered emerging artists. For more information on Vital Spaces and the artists they represent, see their website: