Window Box FAQs for Applicants

Please thoroughly review these FAQs before applying.

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What projects have you presented at the Window Box previously?
You can learn more about current and former Window Box projects here.

What is meant by “emerging artist” and/or by “underrepresented artist”?
The New Mexico Museum of Art takes into account the following when considering eligibility:

  • Artists who are within the first ten cumulative years of a formal studio practice, as evidenced on their CV. This can include breaks in practice.
  •  Artists who have had no prior solo exhibitions in museum spaces.
  •  Artists with minimal to no representation in museum holdings.
  • Artists with minimal commercial representation.
  • Lack of representation in the commercial art market
  • The artist belonging to a historically marginalized or underrepresented community

What is meant by “New Mexico artist”?
The New Mexico Museum of Art considers the following when evaluating eligibility:

  • Artists residing in New Mexico and working here
  • New Mexico residents attending a program of study out of state or out of the country

What curatorial support is provided?
The New Mexico Museum of Art will offer curatorial support in the form of three virtual or in-person studio visits. The Museum will also offer installation guidance, which will result in a schedule and a plan to facilitate the installation process. Curatorial support will also include writing and editing assistance with label text.

What is expected of the artist?
The artist is expected to create, install, and deinstall their work independently during the Museum of Art’s staff hours, Monday – Friday 8 AM – 10 AM. The artist is responsible for returning the Window Box to its original condition after their deinstallation, which includes patching and painting the walls with materials (white paint, mud, and sandpaper) provided by the Museum of Art. All artwork and installation components must return to the artist after it has been deinstalled.

What is meant by “public engagement”?
Public engagement can include an artist lecture, a studio workshop, a performance, a panel, or even a school visit. These are just some examples that could qualify and are not all inclusive.

Any public engagement must be in alignment with the artist’s installation and their studio practice, and The New Mexico Museum of Art’s mission, vision, and values. Engagement will be developed and approved in collaboration with the Museum of Art’s Education and Curatorial staff.

How is the Artist Honorarium dispersed and what does it cover?
The Window Box budget is generously funded by the New Mexico Museum of Art. The total $6000 in funds is dispersed in installments. The first $1000 is disbursed upon receipt of artist contract and W2. The second disbursement of $3000 is remitted upon the Museum’s receipt of a detailed installation plan and proposal with scaled measurements. The final $2000 is remitted after the work has been deinstalled and removed from the Museum, and the Window Box has been returned to its original condition.

Please note that The New Mexico Museum of Art is unable to provide accommodation for artists. Travel and accommodation needs should be met through the budget provided in your application, with funds from the Artist Honoraria.

Where do I park during installation or deinstallation?
There is a loading dock available for load in and out only. Arrangements for use of the loading dock must be made in advance with museum staff. Free parking is available from 7:00am-9:00pm at the State’s parking garage, which is located at 485 Galisteo St, four blocks from the Vladem Contemporary.

Does the New Mexico Museum of Art accept Window Box proposals from film, video, and/or new media artists?
The Museum welcomes proposals from artists working in new or alternative media.

Does the New Mexico Museum of Art accept proposals from collaborative projects or artist collectives?
The Museum welcomes proposals from collectives or collaborations of no more than three individuals. The Artist Honoraria will be the same at $6000 to be split between up to three artists, therefore the collective or collaborators will need to choose a single individual to be the recipient of the funds. It should also be noted that one single application must be submitted for the group.

What is a CV?
A CV—short for the Latin “curriculum vitae,” meaning “course of life”—is a detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history. A CV is typically two or three pages long and serves as a full outline of one’s career accomplishments. CVs typically include information such as your work experience, achievements, awards, scholarships or grants you’ve earned, coursework, research projects and publications of your work. We recommend the Purdue OWL’s guide to writing a CV if you are looking for advice on getting started.

What is an artist statement, and how do I write one?
An artist statement is an authentic reflective practice and highlights the relationships between the artist and their audience. An artist statement can include the following features:

What if my question has not been answered?
If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please reach out to Assistant Curator, Katie C. Doyle via email at