Library Open House

Museum Issues
1:00 pm

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in an art museum? Artists, art historians, directors, journalists and others have written about things that museums do and don’t do. The Museum of Art Library and Archives has professional publications that explain how things are supposed to work as well as case studies that show what happens when things don’t go as planned. From censorship and theft to preservation and learning, there are many stories in the library and archives. This would be a great time to come if you are seriously considering pursuing a career in a museum.

The library open house is an informal opportunity for you to browse books and artist files, ask questions, exchange recommendations with the Librarian and see what’s new.  About 7500 books are available for browsing, reading and creative inspiration.  We offer free Wifi if you wish to bring a laptop, smartphone or tablet.  Come any time between 1-4pm.

The lobby and courtyard of the museum are food and drink friendly, the library is just friendly. Please finish your food and drinks before entering the library.

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