Upcoming Event


  • May 04, 2024
    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Plaza Building

Join Mokha Laget, (Artist in Residence), in this performance, drawing inspiration from the visual scores that present her graphic and notational drawings, which, akin to conventional scores, will be musically interpreted. Animated by Morgan Barnard, these scores are projected to facilitate free improvisation among performers. 


This collaboration is featured as part of the inaugural year of the artist-in-residence program at the New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary generously supported by a grant from the Frederick Hammersley Fund for the Arts at the Albuquerque Community Foundation. 


 St. Francis Auditorium, FREE 




Roman Capriccio – Acoustic 

Adam Engle-viola 

David Forlano – alto sax 

Gregg Koyle- percussion 

Helen Pinch – violin 


Visual Scores #1– Sound Sculpting 

Chloe Alexandra Thompson 


Visual Scores #2– Voice, Mixed electronics 

Luna Galassini 

Moroccan Capriccio- Sound and Light 

Morgan Barnard/ Mokha Laget 




Morgan Barnard is a Santa Fe new media artist investigating the intersection of data, sound and light. His projections create ephemeral and immersive experiences between generative media and data visualization and have been featured at the NM Museum of Art and CCA. He is the principal collaborator for Mokha Laget’s animated scores. @morganix 

Adam Engle is a musician and sound artist based in Santa Fe, NM. His primary interests and studies are in minimalism, musique concrète, field recording and Hindustani raga. He co-runs Palmerie, an experimental project which builds community around sound and listening. @palmerie.sound 

David Forlano is a multimedia artist from Philadelphia.  Deeply involved in free improvisation, sound-based performance art and dance in the 1990s, he moved New Mexico in 2005 performing with his saxophone and electronics. David runs the monthly experimental music series Sandbox Music. sandboxusic.org 

Luna Galassini is a Santa Fe based musician and filmmaker. Her performances and videos are informed by somatic practices, folk histories, and the local ecology of New Mexico. She performs with hand-built analog instruments, oscillators, low frequency receivers, and scrap metal. @lunagalassini 

Gregg Koyle is a percussionist and performs regularly with the Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe Pro Musica and Chatter.  He played on the Santa Fe Opera’s GRAMMY winning recording The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs and has appeared as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician throughout the U.S., Europe, and Japan. 

Mokha Laget is a New Mexico-based interdisciplinary artist known for her geometric abstractions on shaped canvas and visual scores investigating the nature of perception. Her recent musical collaborations were presented at the American Academy in Rome, Chatter, and the Chicago Symphony. Her work is featured in numerous Museum collections. @mokha_laget.studio 

Helen Pinch is a Santa Fe-based violinist and composer whose work draws from classical, experimental, pop, and folk idioms. Her debut song cycle “Life, Love, This Moment of June” (2018) set selections of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway for voice and chamber ensemble. Follow her on substack hlen.substack.com 

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree interdisciplinary artist and technologist. She approaches sound as a mode of connection – embracing the kinesthetic agency of sound. She creates site-specific installations that sculpt droning, maximalist experiences out of space and sound. @chloealxandra 

Image: Mokha Laget, Roman Capriccio (detail), 2023