Past Exhibition

Small Wonders

Not everyone believes that bigger is better.

Small is not minor, lesser, or unambitious. Small is not something that hasn’t yet grown up, it is its own virtue, its own artistic challenge, its own attention span.

Small commands your full attention, makes you stop to look more carefully, lures you in with the promise of intricacy and intimacy. Small is approachable, compact, portable.

Small is not necessarily cute. It can also be fierce and mighty.

Small has its own special magic.

Each of the artists in this show purposely works on a small scale, alluding to the idea of a keepsake, a snapshot cupped in your hand, a miniature universe.

The world is large and overwhelming, so small is one delicious bite of the whole, something to be savored, like a poem, an appetizer, a whisper, a line, a kiss.

After all, it’s the little things in life that mean the most.



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