Upcoming Exhibition

With the Grain

Patrocinio Barela, The Garden of Eden, circa 1948, carved pine, 21 x 48 x 2 1/2 in. Collection of the New Mexico Museum of Art. Gift of the Weatherhead Foundation, Cleveland and New York, 1970 (2585.23S) Photo by Blair Clark

This exhibition explores the dialogue between artists and their materials at play in the work of modern and contemporary Hispanic carvers in Northern New Mexico at the intersection of materials, form, practice, and place.  It traces the relationship between wood carvers in Northern New Mexico and the distinctive way in which the aesthetics of their work was, and continues to be, informed by a relationship with their material and through a privileging of the natural qualities of the wood they worked with. This practice often allows the natural forms of unfinished pieces of wood to guide the composition of their piece, thus fostering a dialogue between artist and material that informed the finished product