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Western Eyes: 20th Century Art Here and Now

Artists are influenced by the work of other artists and the world in which they live and explore. While certain artworks may exemplify a particular movement in art, the boundaries can often be a little blurry, showing the multiple influences an artist experiences. When considering artistic movements such as abstract expressionism or surrealism, it’s common...

Ansel Adams: Pure Photography

Few names are as closely associated with the medium of photography than Ansel Adams. His black and white photography is known for its ability to take a world of color and create an image in tones of grey that reflect how the scene felt, not just how it looked. Here you can find two activities...

Patrick Nagatani

Patrick Nagatani (1945-2017) was an artist and teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is known for his use of color and the “directorial style” of photography. In this style of photography, the artist creates, or alters, the scene in front of their camera. In his images, Nagatani creates imagined stories about real truths. ACTIVITY WORKBOOK In...

Storytellers: Writing and Drawing Narrative Art

This activity explores creative writing and drawing using art from the collection as inspiration. We offer guidance on writing creative short stories, while sharpening observation skills and steps to make a gesture drawing. Gesture Drawing Telling Stories

Poetic Justice Activities

On View in gallery October 9, 2021 – June 19, 2022 Finding and Combining Bigger is Better Everyday Words, Everyday Objects