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Poetic Justice: Judith F. Baca, Mildred Howard, and Jaune Quick-To See-Smith

image of cast bronze hand in black, ending just above the wrist, gripping handle of square metal lunch box with red and green plaid design
Mildred Howard, Square Meal, 2021.Cast bronze and found object, courtesy of the Artist

Poetic Justice celebrates the work of artists Judith F. Baca, Mildred Howard, and Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith. These three innovative artists have for decades been creating complex works of beauty that evoke memory, history and emotion. The exquisite prose of their visual story telling draws attention to less familiar perspectives surrounding community issues such as land use, the environment, housing, civil rights, police brutality, and immigration policy. Painting, installation, film, and monument making are used to relay both history and hope from within and about society. By addressing equity, social priorities, and their impact on communities, these accomplished visual artists and teachers engage with issues that are both local and global.

These pioneering artists build bridges and cross boundaries to create works that educate, move, and inspire people. Their participation in student organizing, the women’s movement, and self-determination provided lessons, tools, and content for their work as artists, scholars, and educators. This exhibition will include artworks dating from the early 1990s to the present.


Poetic Justice Billboard Project

The POETIC JUSTICE BILLBOARD PROJECT is a collaboration between SITE Santa Fe, the New Mexico Museum of Art, and poets Hakim Bellamy, Levi Romero, and Edie Tsong. The collaboration was developed from a shared interest in displaying poetry in public spaces and the desire to cultivate and strengthen collaborative relationships between museums, artists, and poets.

El proyecto POETIC JUSTICE BILLBOARD PROJECT es una colaboración entre SITE Santa Fe, el Museo de Arte de Nuevo México y los poetas Hakim Bellamy, Levi Romero y Edie Tsong. La colaboración se desarrolló a partir de un interés común en la exhibición de poesía en los espacios públicos y el deseo de cultivar y fortalecer las relaciones colaborativas entre los museos, los artistas y los poetas.

For more information and to hear the poets read their work visit Site Santa Fe’s webpage here.


A Conversation with Judy F. Baca and Merry Scully


A Conversation with Mildred Howard



Poetic Justice Panel Discussion



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